Sunday, 27 April 2014



Somewhere in the flames
Lay a toy screaming
As the batteries distinguished
Onto the floor

Then it’s arms
And it’s legs,

Melting underneath
The gaps in the floors

Before dripping onto
The pavement
Next to the charred wheels,

Etched in the heat
With smoke
Coughing out of the windows

With your face pinned
Against the door
Both inside and outside

As much a mirror
To the suffering

But several different kinds

Of warning. 


Passing cars deflect on the back
of closed bank counters
holding each others hands
gouged in frozen terror

outstretched on the edge
of the near dead in purgatory
held in place in-between
a frozen surface tension and
the glow of filtered moonlight

ducking and diving between flames
humming like an engine
stained in a nervous sweat
mirroring the fear of my own hands

as I dragged out
two, then three children out
with your words pleading
no, no, no

then I saw your body.

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