Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Guest Poet 15 - Kealan Coady - Birthright

(Our next guest poet came from un-usual sources and with a bio which I have doubts about still makes for a stirring poem)

Pale efforts of being, our used pasts whine in nights of blunt and sudden childhoods deformed beyond reason.
The freedom to fail and be flayed for a fathers killing grin or mutant offspring cry.
There is bliss in the shadows, thrills in shade. Nothing is vacant in theory, just empty voices, cold and alone, as silent infants thread the waves of care homes.
Someone abandons all meaning and welcomes the ghost as a birthright.

(Kealan Coady is a fictional Irish writer created by notorious serial killer Michael White. (1856 - 2009) Shortly after his execution, a series of poems and short stories were found to be in his possession. Of the poems, only 'Birthright survives, and is kept at the torture museum, Amsterdam.

Some more of his short stories can be seen here)

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