Friday, 11 April 2014

Guest Poet 3 (Hazel Connelly - Ghost)

(Here is a poem from our guest poet no 3, Hazel Connelly. First met Hazel last year at a reading and was impressed by her heart that clearly shows in this short poem. Next up in a few days time, will be our fourth guest poet, Gray Nicholls who has submitted a pretty funny poem defo looking at the story from a different angle)


Who is this ghost in the corner of my eye?
The ghost with rat tailed hair,
This ghost creeping by my side,
Waiting to meet me there.

Have you seen her, any of you?
Her silent footsteps tread the floor,
The ghost in the mirror
Dancing past the closed door.

In the stillness of the night
Her voice whispers in my ear,
To which world do I belong?
She cries, but no one hears.

The stagnant air, on a summer night,
She leans over my face,
I saw her through the window again,
Walking at an eerie pace.

In the still deep hush of night
Your car, my house, no goodbye,
I will return to this crossroad

To meet this ghost in the corner of my eye.

(Hazel Connelly started writing after she retired. Four years later she self published her first book 'Words' which can be bought through Some more of her material can be read at

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