Monday, 21 April 2014

Guest Poet 8 - Daniel North - The Glimmers

The flicker of life
Occasionally shines cruelly
Garbled up in tape reels
Is a familiar voice.
That once protected
A mould of an best friend
Holding a stiff claw
Shuffling within internal winters
Against glimmers of spirit
Enjoying whatever jewels may come.
Pain has taught gratitude
And not to squander our ghosts
Embracing a body of fond shadows
Shoulders are ornately painted
With the unknown reason
That put tears in the stars.

( Daniel North advises me 'I was born in Edmonton, North London. I have been writing for many years now on various subjects all based on experiences of life and true feelings which is what I feel real poetry is about, poetry is a form of healing, poetry is in fact me. I have had a several online publications in the U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand and in the UK, as well as in poetry websites, but mostly my work has been used in organisation newsletters, I have also have read my work on online radio stations and in meetings for Mind and few other organisations.
My other interests include, music and travelling.Most of my poetry is mixed in topics and try not to get stuck to a style, I hope people will find joy in reading my work as I do writing it.')

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