Friday, 25 April 2014

Guest Poet 12 - Intoxikie - A Poem about a poem

(Next up of our guest poets is I know called Intoxikie (Not his real name of course), a young writer from Manchester who I encountered through a friend of mine last year who offers a very, very different kind of Ghost Poem which kinda surprised me a little when I read it but of which i hope you enjoy too)

Ghost of my former self, 
Who I used to be
Ghost of Grace and Humility
I'm reaching out for you
Whilst I'm full of confidence and stupidity
I'm wasting time hating
When I know that love can feel so good
The spirit of it touches me
Warm little fingers poking me in the arm
I'm anxious of my own confidence
Perfect paradox
I've said this year could be
Channeling all my Chi
Or suicide 
This year could be
Channeling all my Chi
Or suicide 
This year could easily be
Channeling all my chi 
Or giving in to my homicidal tendencies 
Mix of delusion and memory 

Gun in a red heads mouth
Make her face match her hair: Blaww!!

Angry at the world
Feeling no connection to it
Looking for flesh to get into it 
Making it feel what I am like music
I'll keep my lack of enlightenment 
My frightened sense
And frightening sense of growing confidence and use it 
Getting psychological
Meet Dr Stupid
My patient says he wants to blow up a building
I say "c'mon let's do it
Do it, do it, do it"
Watch a huge hold blast through the bricks
With glass and shrapnel of all sorts 
Flying through it
Along with mangled body parts
Severed arms giving the sky a high five

My Patient tries to restrain
The excitement in his eyes
And before he can reply I say
"C'mon, c'mon
Let's poem the hell out of everyone"

(An slightly different version containing a little bit off offensive language can be seen at

Intoxikie is a writer from Manchester, UK. His youtube page is

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