Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Guest Poet 16 - Jeff Dawson - Eternal Fury

(Our guest last poet, is my good friend Jeff Dawson aka Jeffarama!, who offers this alternative take on the story which has unfolded)

I often wondered
what kind of deaths they led
or I suppose who had it easier?

The ghost killed in a mining accident
the ghost killed in war
the ghost drowned at sea, or
the ghost killed in a dockland tragedy?

Maybe it just depends
on what kind of lives they had

The happy ones
are probably few and far between
Those who play tricks on folk
scaring them half to death
In their homes
or an old country pub

On this occasion
it seemed right to vent their fury

No excuses needed
No motive necessary
They had their reasons
No-one would understand anyway

But in the morning
when the sun rises
through the dockside mist
With a bit of luck
it will be quiet again

Until the next time….

(Jeffarama! is Bolton's Punk Poet and has been writing and performing for 6 years. During that time, he has supported the likes of Dave Sharp (The Alarm) & TV Smith (The Adverts), and loads of other bands. Also part of poetry & music band A Means to an End with Andy N & Petrova.
Jeff is a founder member of Half Evil Promotions Bolton, who organise open mic night and gigs, and went on two tours - Buskin 4 Beer & Jammin with Jeffarama! combining poetry and music. On a similar vein he created the very successful nights Guitar n Verse & Performance!
Jeff also organises Bolton WriteOutLoud nights and has also just released his first solo book 'Loud n Proud', a collection of 40 poems from over the last 6 years (£5 - available from Jeff)

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