Saturday, 26 April 2014

Guest Poet 13 - Michael Wilson - (Untitled)

(Next of our guest poets is a poet I have known for some years now called Michael Wilson who originally from Northern Ireland lived in Manchester, before moving to Portstewart who offers a frightening ghost story which almost had me wondering whether this was a true story or not right after the end) 

The room was a series of rising and falling breaths
A wife and her husband slept as they always did Side by side Something was different that particular night The wife woke to the thought of a voice A feeling, hard to explain went through her body A soft voice, straining to sound quietly was sounding from the corner of the dark bedroom Fright froze her throat she raised her head and looked over her husband's sleeping form There, in the corner of the room was the ghostly appearance of a young man "Come here" he said Silently she eased herself out of bed and made her way over there, mindful to make no noise She stood in front of him "I am lost between two worlds, but one kiss is all I need, one kiss will set me free" So, with her heart in her hand, taken with this poor man's plight, leaned in slowly, so slowly, for a kiss Inches from his lips, a disembodied boot flew across the bedroom and sailed through the ghost's head, the husband shouted "No fucking way!" And with the spell on the wife broken, the ghost of the man vanished never to return

(Mike Wilson is the author of numerous collections. He can be contacted through his facebook page which is here)

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